We do not work in “silos” based on geographic considerations, client “ownership” or historical factors having nothing to do with the challenge or opportunity at hand. While operating in multiple markets, we assemble the very “best team” of professionals to address our clients’ needs based on talent, capability, experience and cost efficiencies.

Our team works together for clients as respected colleagues, free of competitiveness or other personal issues and individual considerations that can get in the way of the effective management of a legal matter. Our recruitment has and will continue to focus on maintaining a law firm premised on the concept that are clients are best served when served by professionals driven by collegial team building and acting always “in the client’s interest.”

Beyond a matter of professional obligation to newer members to the practice of law, we see mentorship as critical to sustaining years’ long relationships with our clients. We expect each generation of our legal team to be schooled and carefully developed by those more experienced at the firm. We embrace the value in offering to our clients the assistance of lawyers who continue to grow in experience and capabilities enhanced by shared expertise and capabilities of more senior attorneys. Mentorship means helping our lawyers develop an instinct for pragmatic solutions, and not just arriving at the “right” legal answer.

We don’t just preach diversity; we practice it. Diversity provides us and clients with a wide range of views and experience so that decisions are made based on all options available.

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