Diversity & Community

Fleming.Ruvoldt PLLC is convinced — and committed to the proposition — that diversity means strength. In all matters, from recruitment to advancement to the provision of experience and growth opportunities, we are guided by the vision that in promoting diversity we foster a more creative, innovative, and productive workplace within which to serve clients. That diversity includes men and women of different geographical, racial, ethnic, age, religious and varied experience who participate in open discussion and increase the options that we can present for clients.

From our founders’ commitment of years spent in the public sector comes our commitment to work for not-for-profit, community based organizations. Service to the community is part of our fabric.

We remain actively involved in pro bono assignments and community betterment, to include among other things recent work for an organization engaged across the United States in combatting human trafficking; attention to children’s and foster care issues; the provision of advice and assistance to a US based organization engaged in the promotion of the arts to, and the development of entertainment abilities for, youth in Europe and the United States; and volunteer work on behalf of inmates with colorable claims for post-conviction relief.

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