Client Service

Aggressive, timely, efficient, proactive, intelligent, and consistently high quality client service is our bottom line. We understand that it is easy enough to find and hire an attorney or law firm to address one’s legal issues, however, finding lawyers who take the time to know your business is critical to quality legal service.

First, we listen.

One of the critical parts of our job is conducting an early and effective “triage,” of sorts. Often we find that the immediate “need” that brings a client to us is but part of a larger challenge facing the client. We will not pre-judge your needs – or your solutions. We listen.

Next, we focus.

We focus on client “needs”, not client “matters”. Clients do not approach a law firm without a compelling reason. Our job is to understand client needs and devise solutions tailored to fit the objectives, tolerances and capabilities of you or your organization.

We believe that there are never one-size solutions to the business and personal needs that draws a client to seek the assistance of us as advocates, counselors and legal advisors. One size does not fit all.

Finally, we act.

We do more than just ably handle legal issues – we strive to achieve. At the core of our relationships with clients, a deep comprehension of the spectrum of their needs, we start with a complete understanding of the impact of the particular challenges facing – or opportunities presented to — our clients. We work towards solutions best tailored to assist our clients achieve their business and personal objectives.

We view ourselves as pragmatic advisors, counselors and advocates.

As such, we strive towards a mindful approach to the practice of law.  While planning for contingencies is the bedrock of good lawyering, we are particularly committed to the proposition that devising efficient and pragmatic solutions today — “in the moment” — usually ensures the best outcomes.

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