Robert J. Fettweis

Bob Fettweis
Bob Fettweis is a former Assistant United States Attorney in New Jersey, who served as the Chief of that Offices Criminal Division for several years during the 1980s.

Since leaving the United States Attorney’s Office, he has practiced in the areas of white collar fraud and complex civil litigation. He has actively engaged for more than 30 years in white collar criminal defense. He has represented both broker/dealers and individual customers in securities litigation and arbitration.

Bob has regularly served as counsel to management in labor arbitrations, and has represented both employers and employees in workplace litigation. He also defends law firms against claims of legal malpractice, and has substantial experience in other areas of business and corporate litigation.

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Our View

“When a client is faced with a serious
— and maybe even a life-changing —
problem, it is the highest calling of a lawyer
to work unsparingly and untiringly toward resolving
that problem in an effective and appropriate manner.”

– Bob Fettweis


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