Kristi Davidson


Consumer products, fashion/retail, technology, healthcare and financial services clients
have trusted Kristi Davidson to advise them for more than 15 years. Kristi understands
that at the heart of every matter lies a business goal, and she partners with clients to
achieve that business purpose. From creating a brand, to protecting intellectual property,
to safely manufacturing innovative products, to marketing to and engaging with
customers and consumers, to litigating and resolving disputes, Kristi puts her clients’
needs first. Kristi has been described as “grace under pressure,” and she regularly helps
clients navigate high-pressure situations that require sound judgment, efficiency and speed.

Before joining Fleming.Ruvolt, Kristi was a partner in BigLaw and counsel to a private
equity firm with operating entities in the healthcare, consumer products and technology
industries. She formed and co-chaired her firm’s consumer products industry group and
was a leading member of several of its legal verticals, including its commercial litigation
and intellectual property practices.

Kristi is a member of the Women President’s Organization and Cosmetics Executive
Women. She often speaks and writes on regulatory and risk management issues, such as
privacy concerns, product safety, packaging and labeling requirements, compliant
advertising and marketing campaigns, and intellectual property protection. Kristi is
passionate about the arts and has volunteered with a number of different music, dance
and visual art organizations.

Our View

“Too many companies are reluctant to involve their legal counsel early in the
process. That tells me that they perceive lawyers as holding them back. I work hard to
change that perception – to be the lawyer with whom companies want to collaborate, the
lawyer who works with them constructively and creatively to surpass their business goals
in a legally prudent way.”

– Kristi Davidson


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