Offices Without Boundaries

Increasingly over the years, we have seen clients, business managers and professionals in the Greater New York and New Jersey Metropolitan area looking and working around the country, to the opportunities presented in those burgeoning economies.

We also see clients ever eager to take advantage of global business opportunities and alliances available in New York, the financial and business capital of the world and New Jersey.

Seeking to take advantage of the unmistakable synergies between New York and New Jersey, Fleming.Ruvoldt PLLC was formed on the premise that its business – like the businesses of many of its clients – would be more fluid, efficient and agile by serving our markets through resident offices in strategic locations.

While a certain amount of our legal work is provided to clients indigenous to the markets in which we are present, our offices are established not as “local” offices, but part of a law firm comprised of offices without boundaries.  We are organized to achieve the agility clients have and seek. That starts with the assembly of “best teams” to address client needs.

Our partners have appeared in  trial and appellate courts throughout the United States. They have literally represented clients from around the globe in commercial and litigation matters throughout the United States. They have conducted multi-jurisdictional investigations and have assisted clients with transactional needs around the globe.

A call to any partner will result in an analysis of which office base is best capable of serving our client’s needs. When necessary, practicable and economical, and upon concurrence by our clients, we will ask that professionals in multiple offices contribute to a project.

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